Thursday, 16 October 2008


For our next couple of challenges (after tomorrows) you might like to collect a few small boxes or drinks cartons - although if you're anything like us you've probably already got a few amongst your stash!

I'd quickly like to mention Chris here she did a wonderful job of her artdoll and matchbox but didn't have her camera working to take pictures at the time. So here they are...............and they are fabulous! To see more pictures please visit Chris's blog (you're guaranteed a giggle or two as well.)


magpie said...

Chris your little match box is really nice..... glad it made it on site for us all to see....
And your ATC.....
Well done..
You can't live without the camera !!

Sharon xx

Chriss Rollins said...

B O X E S WOW I can hardly contain my excitement I have been collecting boxes for A G E S.. I even have some altered already... they are for gift boxes for chrismas and halloween... I gave Chris some unaltered ones today.cos we girls have had a fantastic day crafting
Hey I am ahead for a change.rofpmsl
and chris has taken pics of my tin and matchbox for me today... so they should be on my blog in the morning.
I know I am A bit behind but I have caught up. xx
chriss x