Monday, 29 September 2008


If you would like to suggest a project we might offer here, do please get in touch. It isn't going to be easy to keep coming up with exciting ideas, so we will be very grateful for all the help we can get! Our main aim is to help and encourage as many people as possible to make art and grow. We can't offer you a fee or prize, but any contributions will be fully acknowledged. So what are you waiting for??

Friday, 26 September 2008


We are both concerned that, given everything we believe about affirming the art you make without any judgement of whether it's "good/bad", in the end we have to pick someone to receive the prize. We aren't sure what the right answer is at the moment and may have to work this out in practice, so for now it was a random drawing and the prize goes to Sharon (Magpie's Art Treasure Chest)!! We loved the way she used all kinds of materials and techniques - metal, alcohol inks, grungeboard to name but a few. Email us your postal address Sharon and your prize will be on its way.

Shrine Update

Three more wonderful shrines have been added to the ones below - make sure you have a look!
Also forgot to mention ..... if you have a look at Patty's, Michele's and Sue's blogs, they enjoyed making shrines so much they made extra ones!! Well done girls!


Hope you've got your matchboxes at the ready? Here we go with Project no. 2!! This time we've made a mini album/book in a matchbox. Both of us used a standard small matchbox, but you could use a larger one if you prefer (not everyone can cope with going quite so small!), or indeed make your own to any dimensions you like.

We wanted to showcase different ideas, so Rosie used her matchbox in it's standard form, keeping the slide out drawer dimension, and punched eyelets into the top of the pages, linking the book together with bead chain. The paper is a Paper Whimsy digital collage sheet. Linda cut the outer sleeve and made opening doors, and her landscape album is more traditionally bound. As you can see, your imagination is the only limit!

Send us your entries by next Thursday so that we can showcase them again! Can't wait to see them, and THANK YOU all so much for your response. We've been thrilled t0 have over 1,000 visitors in our first week, and hope that this means we're hitting the right note?

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Super Shrines!

Thank you for joining in with our very first challenge! Its great to see all the different styles and constructions. They are all fabulous and we have enjoyed looking at every one. We are hoping there may be a few late entries this evening - they will be added tomorrow morning.
We'll put all the names in a hat tomorrow evening to find our first winner.
If I've got any names wrong or have missed anyone out please email me.
Linda x

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Rosemary -

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Chriss -

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


We thought we should give you all a hint ahead of Friday that for our next challenge you will need a matchbox, although you could of course make your own. We've used the small ones but you could work with the bigger ones if you prefer. Now you ARE going to do the next challenge aren't you?

We're loving all the wonderful shrines coming in - they are SO inventive!! Each Thursday we're going to put up the entries and talk about them, so look out for that, and of course this time we'll be letting you know the winner of the superb prize!

Friday, 19 September 2008


Sorry, in all the excitement I forgot to say ... we'll be posting challenges weekly each Friday, and you can send us a link to your blog or send a photo direct.

One or two people have said that bigger projects sometimes need more time, so if you think you'd rather see challenges fortnightly please let us know.


With a HUGE fanfare .... OFF WE GO!!
Thanks for being with us - and your first challenge is to make a shrine! We've made our samples as a shallow box with a frame, but yours need not be 3D as you can see from the ATC using the Mona Lisa. If you feel like starting with a bought frame Artchix do fabulous shrines as you can see from our prize picture, and we recommend their metal dreamboxes as huge fun to play with..

If you would like the basic instructions that Linda and I used, contact us via the comments section and we will email them to you. Can't wait to see what you come up with, and one lucky person is going to get a VERY nice prize!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


In two days time we will be launching our new blog with a special challenge (thats Friday 19th, put it in your diary) and to celebrate, we are having a prize. I am donating some of my collection of Artchix and Retro Cafe Art shrines (don't worry, I've still got plenty left!) Here they are......... .......there are 7 in total (two of them are very tiny!)
Doesn't matter where you live - we'll post the prize to you, so everyone can enter.
Hope to see you back here on Friday!
Love Linda

Monday, 15 September 2008


Our first challenge is coming soon, and we'll be asking you to make a shrine. What's one of those we hear you ask, or does it HAVE to be religious? No of course not - we think the definition of a shrine is something which frames or mounts an image of some significance. The image could be anything that has meaning for you - Linda even made one with David Beckham's picture in it!

This was just a prototype, but we'll be providing instructions for those of you who want them, although you can make anything you like! And there'll be a PRIZE so watch this space .....

Friday, 12 September 2008


A new Challenge will be coming soon, and because it's our first ever there'll be a prize!