Monday, 27 October 2008


Rosie and I would like to thank Jaqi for giving us this award

....and whilst we're at it we'd also like to thank everyone who has supported our new venture over the last 6 weeks. We are truly humbled by all the wonderful comments and amazing pieces of artwork you've shared with us. We'd like to pass this award on to every one of you.


Chriss Rollins said...

well deserved and thankyou for coming up with the challenges and the work involved in showing everyones work.
chriss x

magpie said...

yes thank you for all the hard work for each week..... in fact I ditto Chriss on this......
Sharon xx

Jaqi said...

You deserve it, you have done an excellent job with this new blog, to have inspired so many people so soon to join in is brilliant, you both deserve a big pat on the back.
Im sure I speak for everyone in saying " Good job Well done". Jaqi xx

Anonymous said...

wow ive just discovered your blog and think it is fab! i will be following closely in future!
am x