Friday, 19 December 2008


This next challenge will also run for 2 weeks - we figure you might have one or two other things to keep you busy??

In this season of much goodwill and even more RUBBISH (all that wrapping paper and packaging etc) we challenge you to keep your eye out for packaging you can recycle into art! For example my silver topped wooden box was a Christmas gift from last year - it had a "Hotel Chocolat" logo right across the lid. Now this is safely covered up and the unfinished wood has several coats of varnish.

The other piece you've seen before as part of our "make a house" challenge, but it was also recycled from last Christmas - it's built on a gift box base which contained my new watch! This is an item that would definitely have been thrown away without a squirrel like me in the house ...

So keep your eyes open for packaging you can use, and you have until 2nd January to transform it into something else!! Looking forward to seeing what you can find .....

Friday, 5 December 2008


Here we go again with a new challenge for you! Because it's a busy time of year for everyone we've decided that this will run over the next 2 weeks to give you a bit longer, and then we'll set another challenge on 19th December to run into the New Year. After that it will be back to weekly as usual.

So this challenge is to make a window, and we hope this gives you plenty of scope to make something as simple as an ATC (which my Frida window is) if time is short, or something much larger if you want to. My vintage window is based around a wooden picture frame, into which I inserted some wooden struts to give a window-like appearance.

Don't forget that shrines can be windows too, as in the little photo - which is only about the size of a matchbox and was made with a kit from Retro Cafe Art. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!! Don't forget - no panic with this one because you have two weeks to do it.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Altered Tins Gallery

Here are your altered tins ..... thank you to everyone who sent pictures in (and there were a lot!!) Once again a great variety of ideas and materials. I recommend you visit the blogs and see all the extra pictures.
All very inspiring.........

Jaqi -

Patty -

Rosie -

Chriss -

Sherry -

Sharon -

Lay Hoon -
If any of the links are incorrect, please let me know. It was a tough job this week!!!