Thursday, 5 November 2009

Twinkling Twinchies!

Its nearly that time of year.......time to start thinking about glitter and glitz and twinkly things!!
Well this month we challenge you to make a 'Twinkling Twinchie' could put it on a festive card if you want to.
I'm sure you know that Twinchies are little works of art just 2" x 2". You could make it in any medium; fabric, paper, metal, paperclay....just make sure its got sparkle and shine!
Here are my efforts: the example above is an old Christmas stamp I bought in a set from ebay...... I stitched onto glittery Angelina film and fibres with a background of hand-made felt.

This heart has been stitched onto sparkly fabric and then purple velvet (why does it skid around so much?!!) I love the word whisper...... it just makes me want to walk on tiptoe; all hushed and peaceful.

I used the first Twinchie to make a Christmas card. I do like art to be used in some way ..... if at all possible.

And finally here is a set of lovely blue twinchies made by Rosie. Its a great size to work with, I hope you agree.

So......get twinchin'!!!!!! And make them glitzy - I can't wait to see what you create!!!!!
Love Linda