Saturday, 19 September 2009


Patty emailed me to say .. did we realise that it's the Art Adventure's first birthday today? Well, no we didn't and we're both amazed to find that a year has gone by already! It seems to have been a success as well as an adventure - I don't think there are many challenge blogs as specific to altered art as ours? If there are others please tell us about them!

So Happy Birthday to us and to all of you who've made this journey with us! We hope that you've grown with and through the art you make, and like us learned something about yourself in the process.

Here's to our next year!! ... and no that's not me and Linda up there, but I like the idea!!

Friday, 11 September 2009


There seems to be something special about keys for me, since they turn up in so many of the projects I make! This little ATC tin, my transformation of a box file, and my Harry Potter(ish) book box.

It's such a potent symbol when you think about it - the revelation of secrets, the hiddenness of others; being able to hide or discover something. And then there's that thing about opening up too, sometimes needing great care in case it is a Pandora's Box? Perhaps it's also about safety and keeping our deepest things safely locked away?

So our challenge this month is to use a key or keys in your art, with extra "smarty points" if you make the key yourself. The keys on the purple book and the little tin are both made using a mould and Delight paperclay, a really brilliant medium. The key on the pink box file is Tim Holtz grunge board, another excellent material you can do so much with.

As ever, it will be so exciting for us to see the wonderful and fantastic ways in which you respond - can't wait!!


Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Just look what fun Katrina had with our latest challenge! What a clever take on the whole idea of a "story in a box" - I love the paper dolls and the story. It makes you want to play with it doesn't it?

Keep your lovely entries coming, we do enjoy seeing what you get up to!