Friday, 17 July 2009


Our challenge this month is to use a bird theme - it can be anything you like from ATC to three dimensional piece, or digital, as long as there's a bird in there somewhere!

I've had this birdcage a LONG time, waiting for inspiration to strike. I bought it in a hardware store sale, and it was verdigris green at the time, but not a pleasing effect. I spray painted it cream and antiqued it a little, adding a perch for my bird to sit on. The ivy leaves are individually cut out and glued in place.

But don't limit yourself - you could make a bird like this lovely felt one Linda made for me - the choice of materials is yours and the result only limited by your imagination! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, 10 July 2009


Well it's nearly time for a new challenge - look out for it on the 17th. I must apologise that my own dragonfly never appeared to complement Linda's beautiful effort. Sad to say I was working on a metal piece, but when it was done I HATED it, so it might have to go in the bin ... I tell you this as reassurance that we can make rubbish art as skilfully as the next person. But isn't it wonderful when it all goes right ....?

Anyway, I wanted to highlight these two dragonflies, not least because they're so different from each other!

Jan's tiny gold backed piece is a wonderful example of shimmery, vivid colours which she's achieved with shrink plastic and mica paint, sealed with Diamond Glaze. Lynn has taken a completely different approach to her 6" canvas, using natural colours and textures, but I love this too. Each in their own way is a striking example of the diverse ways you can approach a theme, and I only wish my piece had been half as good ....

It's not too late to enter, you still have a week or so!!