Friday, 19 September 2008


Sorry, in all the excitement I forgot to say ... we'll be posting challenges weekly each Friday, and you can send us a link to your blog or send a photo direct.

One or two people have said that bigger projects sometimes need more time, so if you think you'd rather see challenges fortnightly please let us know.


Jaqi said...

Weekly would be good to keep us on our toes , but you could always set an occasional one in addition which has a fortnight to be completed, maybe once a month. But I am happy to go with the majority vote, Jaqi x

Mam said...

I just realized that I don't know the traditional size for a shrine. I've never done one before. I'm going to try to make the time this week.


Rosemary said...
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Rosemary said...

Hello! I like the idea of a weekly challenge, but I'm flexible enough to go with the general concensus.

This was a fun challenge. I have never done a challenge or a shrine so it was a little bit overcoming my apprehension and just doing it.

So, here's my entry:

Chris said...

I think weekly would be okay although sometimes my mojo goes
looking forward to doing this weeks though... not done it yet but thinking lots :)